Borderless Cyber has since 2015 been an important forum for security in which practitioners and researchers get together to discuss and share insights about grand challenges, projects and lessons learned in cyber security. This year, we are broadening the conversation to include security, privacy and work that intersects the two topics.

The event will include a diverse hand-picked group of global experts that will share their views on the right combination of measures needed to ensure your strategy confidence reaches that next level. It will also include presentations from a call for presentations, so if there is a topic related to security, privacy or both that you believe will be important to such an event. Through a mixture of interactive panel discussions and presentations, audience members will hear how you can be part of the global collaboration effort and learn actionable advice needed to avoid being the next target.

Who Should Attend?

Practitioners and researchers responsible for developing, influencing, regulating, and managing security and privacy risks in networked applications -  both in the public and private sectors - are welcome to join the conference.  Some presentations will be technical, others will have a non-technical focus (e.g. policy, regulation, social, ethics, psychology etc.)
– we aim to strike a balance between the two to ensure there is something here for most audiences.

The conference will benefit from the depth and breadth of participants such as: C-suite executives (including CISOs and CPOs)  and front line practitioners, IT architects, open-source developers, senior policy and risk management practitioners, commercial security and privacy solution vendors, advocacy organisations, researchers and academics (including the social sciences such as law, society, communications, ethics, and psychology), technical visionaries and futurists, cyber threat intelligence and cyber security managers, CSIRTs, and experts from the open standards community.

Participants will learn from past efforts, new developments, standards and technologies through presentations, expert panel discussions and workshop discussions as we explore the concrete steps necessary to improve integrated and assured operationalisation security and privacy.

About Borderless Cyber

Borderless Cyber is an international conference series that began in 2015. It’s designed to bring together the public and private sectors to evaluate, debate, and collaborate on best practices and solutions in the cyber domain. Previous Borderless Cyber events were held in partnership with The World Bank in Washington, D.C., with the European Parliament in Brussels, with Keio University in Tokyo and with FIRST.org in Prague. The last few conferences were held at the U.S. Customs House in New York City, at The World Bank and National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and online.

Visit our last Borderless Cyber event for a sampling of the types of talks you can expect.