What is the goal of the conference?

This conference is an open forum for networking, sharing of lessons learnt, idea generation and reflection on lessons learned. It will present past efforts, new developments, standards and technologies through presentations, expert panel discussions and workshop discussions. Audience members will explore the concrete steps necessary to improve integrated and assured security and privacy operationalisation.

I am mainly interested in security OR privacy (not both), will this event for me?

YES! The purpose of this event is to bring together the two, but several talks will be security focused, others will be privacy focused. The aims of the event is to bridge the two together and bring together expertise from the different communities to learn from each other and network.

Who is the target audience for the conference?

The conference is open to anyone who is interested in networking, discussing and learning more about security and privacy, including individuals, professionals (e.g. researchers and practitioners), and organisations. This includes: industry, government, nonprofits and academia.

What topics will be covered in the conference?

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to security and privacy, such as data protection, cyber security, privacy regulations, risk management. Visit the schedule page for more details.

Who are the speakers and presenters at the conference?

We have invited industry experts, academic researchers, and practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise on security and privacy. View the full list of speakers here

What is the cost of attending and how do I register? 

You can register for the conference here. As this is a non-profit event, the modest registration fee will be allocated to demonstrate investment in attending and to cover any associated per/person catering expenses. The cost to attend ranges from £130 to £180 (plus VAT).

Will the conference provide accommodation for participants?

We will not provide accommodation for participants, but we can recommend nearby hotels and accommodations for your convenience. More information on the Travel page.

Will there be opportunities for networking and interaction with other participants?

Yes, we will be organising networking events and activities during the conference to facilitate interaction and collaboration among participants. More information to follow in the coming weeks!

Will the conference provide certificates of attendance?

Email events@oasis-open.org and we will do our best to help.

How do I get to the venue (Royal Holloway)?

The venue is travel friendly as Royal Holloway is close to Heathrow, London (15-20 minutes by cab). Additonal directions may be found on the travel page

I have a dietary requirement. Who do I speak with?
Note any special needs during the registration process. Questions may be directed to events@oasis-open.org.

I have another question not covered by the FAQ. Who do I ask?

Please email events@oasis-open.org and we will do our best to help.